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how to get through student life in one pieceBeing a student does not only mean performing your academic assignments and waiting till you get your diploma. No way! This is an entirely new culture to become a member of. This is an honor to join a large group called studentship! It is an undeniable fact that every student is an individuality. Some are calm and concentrated persons while others are constantly too active and even naughty! Some have been brought up in religious and conservative families while others have always had freedom in all their activities. In one word, if you have just become a student, to bring your unique selves into such a social interaction as is studentship you must learn the norms, rituals, rules and routines of the accepted student life stereotype!

We are here to find out several aspects that will let you integrate into already formed student groups and become a full member of it! Every day of your new life is going to bring you new and new acquaintances, ideas, events, joys and disappointments, laughs and tears. And our aim is to solve your problems and to ease your pains.

Student Grubby hub

Grubby Hub is a place where you can find thousands of answers on the only question: how to get through student life in one piece? It is really a challenge but the most pleasant in ones life. We have one advise to help – use essay writing service! Paper writers will complete all your assignments in a day!

It is a known fact that students do not appreciate nerds! They think that it is possible to get an important knowledge and receive high marks without spending all your time in front of books isolated from all students around. To know more who are nerds and how to avoid joining their list, read the article →

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Knowing how to host a good party is a privilege you can make use of! Never doubt that organizing a successful and memorable party will make you the best in the eyes of all students in your campus! Well, before you have gone too far with your imaginations, let us state that this is a truly stressful undertaking! You must consider all the aspects that may threaten the success of your party and eliminate them. Read the full from A to Z guide to preparing and hosting the best party ever in this article.

Money is what everyone needs and students are not an exception. Counting on a scholarship is useless, as first of all a scholarship is not a large sum of money to enjoy your youth, and secondly for receiving a scholarship you must work very hard, hence you won’t have time to spend the money as you wish! That is why we are going to enumerate several ways of making money easy and fast yet absolutely legal!

There are some hacks that will greatly facilitate your student life. Making use of them, you will love both your time spent in and beyond the college. One of them is recording your lectures and then listening to them at doubled speed. This will greatly economize your time spent on studying. When you leave your campus with friends and want to enjoy a better Wi-Fi signal, cut the body of a can and fasten it on your Wi-Fi router. These unbelievable simple tips and hints will save your time and money and being a student you can’t ask for more. Hove you can save your time with no overnight paper writing ? Read the whole list of hacks in our review →

Grubby Hub is a project launched by students for students. The only difference between you and us is that there was no place for us to ask for advice from. We were the one to go to the mountain, and one day it just clicked in our minds that we must share our experience and enlight the youngsters with the student wisdom that dawned upon our heads.

So, feel free to use these tips and spread them all over the galaxy, young padawan, as here you may find all the stuff you need.