If your aim is to be an A-student but you do not want to look nerdy, this article will undoubtedly help you.

You have to stick to several tips on being a smart student without a hitch.
– It is recommended to arrive to class on time, as some teachers may be irritated by you being late.
– When you are hesitating what seat you should take, always choose the middle one. Sitting in front of professor’s table you will look too «flunky». And sitting at the end of the classroom, you will not hear a thing. So the middle is perfect, it will help you to concentrate.
– You should always write down some important lines from teacher’s lecture. Keep in mind that even no one is going to look through your notes you are doing it for yourself. Either way one day he is going to ask you about this material, and you will be prepared.
– Do not forget that it is okay for a student to ask questions. Do not be shy but also you should know your limits. Never turn a lecture into your discussion with a teacher. Ask only practical and useful questions.
– When somebody is making jokes about your intelligence just ignore it. You should say that you are just a lucky person, but do not try to hard. People usually hate it when someone who is clearly smarter than others act as if he is just normal as everyone else.
Offer some assignment help and do not look nerdy at all. Your mates will definitely appreciate it and think about you as a generous and friendly person.

And now let’s check out some tips on your proper behavior outside the classroom.
– You should never boast about your great marks in front of the others. Remembers that nobody likes showing off.
– Never start a conversation about school, because when one does it usually looks nerdy. You should participate in conversations about your class and grades, but only when somebody else mentions it.
– It will be a great idea for you to hook up with some friends. You should meet somewhere outside and spent an unforgettable evening. Keep that in mind «All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy»!
– It is normal if you have no friends yet. You can change it ’cause it is up to you. Start conversation with people more often and you may discover that you have a lot in common with some of them.
– Try to understand others, their tastes, decisions and their behavior. You should never judge a person and say mean stuff about him behind his back.

And now we finally moved to homework tips. So these are what you should do:
– Do not forget to take all your important books home, you will need them soon. It will be a marvelous idea to start one more notebook, so you can write down all the necessary notes from lectures.
– While doing your homework, you should always be concentrated and do not let anything interrupt you. If you feel you are out of time or skills to get your work done, do not hesitate to use essay writing help, as there are plenty of such services on the Internet.
– You should have several hours for your homework every day. It will be useful for you to have a tight schedule. If you are going out with your friends or chatting with them online do not forget that homework is waiting for you. Being on a schedule is something you should keep in mind.
– You should go home and take a rest after your classes. Of course, it’s up to you to decide when to do your assignment, before or after your nap. But it will be better to finish it before ’cause you’ll find it difficult to concentrate afterward.

And now let’s summarize a bit all the information we’ve learned today:
1. Always find some time to go outside with your friends.
2. Never behave too nerdy outside the classroom.
3. Do not be shy to write something down and ask different questions during a lecture.
4. Always dress like a normal and ordinary person, never like a nerd.
5. Do not study while you are at school, take some books home. It will be nice for you to study at home, right after you are finished with other home stuff.
6. Try not to irritate your teacher by asking too many questions.
7. Do your assignment well, but not overwhelm.
8. Do not try to look cool by sitting at the back of the class and not taking any notes. Remember that you might have some problems due to such kind of behavior. You do not need that.
9. It is okay to be nerdy if you have plenty of friends. You can study as much as you want, be sure they will stand for you anytime.
10. You should never try to look like you do not know anything, you will lose teacher’s respect and also you will look weird.

We hope that using these tips you can go up in estimation of your mates and, what is more, become more self-assured. Nevertheless, you no one can tell you what to do with your life or how to act in this or that situation. It is always up to you to decide, so be what you are, never lose your identity and things will come right!