How to Host a Good Party

It’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t like whoopee parties because everyone likes them! But hosting parties can be very problematic and stressful. You have to solve many issues: what to do, whom to invite, how to entertain your guests. So here are some tips how to hold the best party ever.

Before the party

Specify what kind of party you are going to have. It might be the most important step as it will help you to estimate the number of invited guests, kind of food to be provided (or not) and a number of seats to be prepared. Be sure you have enough space for all the crowd and nobody will be incommoded. Also keep in mind the formality – the more formal it is, the more time in advance you should invite your guests.

Choose participants. Remember that all invitees should know and respect each other, you should better avoid inviting those who are conflictive and can spoil your party. The best idea is to invite all your best friends especially when the party is not too crowded.

Start preparing several days before. What does this step include?

• Invitations. Think over how are you going to invite people. It also can depend on the kind of event. You may call everyone on the phone, message them using Facebook/email or even hand printed invitations. Create some catchy design. Mention the dress code.
• Menu. Find the recipes you can cook in advance. Don’t be ashamed to buy takeaway if you are not in time or mood to cook everything yourself. Decide what to drink.
• Shopping. Do your shopping 1-2 days before the party. Buy as much food and drinks as possible so that not to go to the supermarket to buy something in addition.

Argue details with your neighbors. Discuss all discomforts and ways of solving them prior to your event. Heed their pleas.

Clean your house. The first impression will show if people come to your home again in future. Try not to have clothes on the floor or food on the table.

During the event

Get ready before it starts. If you meet people running in a rush around them, it will set a stressed atmosphere for your party. The best is to get ready at least half an hour before the event. So if someone comes some time earlier you’ll not be caught flatfooted.

Set the mood. It doesn’t mean only setting up the decorations. Turn on some good music, it should be neutral for each guest. Don’t try to enforce your own tastes. The good idea is to suggest first guests some easy drinks or appetizers. Control the level of music, it doesn’t have to interrupt people’s talks. You personally roam around, come to each guest and ask some questions. Also don’t forget about shy ones, try to introduce them to some other guests. They will feel much more comfortable.

Ask for help. Don’t think you must do everything yourself – some simple operations can go unexpectedly and take much longer than you’ve planned – so ask several fellows to help – it’s totally ok. And never panic!

Give people enough space. Plan your territory in a way that people have enough space to enjoy every moment. Set up your drinks at the furthest point from the door, food to the side. If you planned dancing make sure you have comfortable conditions.

Have ample drinks. Prepare many kinds of drinks. That might be lager, jungle juice, various cocktails, cola, and water so that everyone could get what they like. Be safe with alcohol, control and limit it. Better to buy limited amount and don’t allow to bring it.

Suggest the activities for your guests. All these things should not look primitive or crude. Shine up to your imagination. Organize all-comers, intellectual games, competitions. Watch latest movies which most of your guests didn’t see. Provide computer games, especially if some friends are gamers.

Prevent anything dangerous to happen. Always think about safety first. If anything bad happens YOU will be the one to face up the responsibility.

After the party

Help everyone to pack up their things. Don’t allow your guests to leave something. Don’t allow any hassle, let your guests come home gradually.

Don’t let your guests drive if they have been drinking. Call them a taxi or leave them at your home.

Clean up your house and territory. A good last impression worth much as well. Collect garbage, sweep the floor or the yard even if it’s late. In the morning, you can look at your neighbor’s eyes with clear conscience.

Here are some life hacks how to host a party and not to be overstressed.
• Don’t pressure yourself! Nobody expects you to be perfect.
• Stay on schedule. Don’t try to reach absolute accuracy – just clean in the morning and cook in the afternoon.
• Don’t be too ambitious. You’d better prepare less beautiful dishes in time than try to cook much and spoil and be late.
• Set a table properly. It will help not to pay attention to some mistakes.
• Start with cheese plate so that to look like culinary genius.
• Plan your meal according to the season.
• Buy cheaper beer. If you trouble about taste, add some salt.
• Don’t host alone. If you fell it costs too much for you, try to find someone to share your host. Your wallet will thank you.

This is not a full list of hint to use. But if you follow them your party will be unforgettable.